Muffler Clamps

Viking Inc manufacturers the largest supply of Muffler Clamps and we proudly continue to supply our customers with “All American Made” Exhaust Products.

We offer Standard Muffler Clamps and Heavy Duty ranging is sizes from 1” through 6”.  All of our Saddle Clamps are made of high quality grade steels for long lasting durability.  Special orders of Saddle Clamps with minimum amounts are available for plated or stainless steel Saddle Clamps.

Viking recently added new product line of Slotted Saddles:

*1 1/2 Slotted Saddle            * 1 3/4 Slotted Saddle

*1 7/8 Slotted Saddle            * 2 Slotted Saddle

*2 1/4 Slotted Saddle            * 2 1/2 Slotted Saddle

*2 3/4 Slotted Saddle            * 3 Slotted Saddle


For Quotes please contact Viking Incorporated by either of the following:

Phone: 260-244-6141