Self Storage FAQ:  Here you will find important information on some of our more common scenarios.

Need to see the space to make sure it’s right for you?

Contact Viking Self Storage and arrange time to inspect a unit. When you are ready to rent your storage space, we provide packing supplies (if needed). Once you have your unit rented, you are the only one with access to your key. Your storage agreement is Month to Month. We also provide heavy duty locks to be purchased at any time.

Want to keep your business records in a second location?

We provide secured units by providing 24/7 camera surveillance and locked gates. Businesses use storage units often to store papers, extra inventory, their business equipment for construction and so on.

Retail storage?

Place your high-selling items towards the front with your seasonal items to make it easy to get to when needed.

Going to college and need to store items?

Store it where you can rent month to month and our staff checks on units periodically and notifies tenants of anything that is out of the ordinary.

Tenants can provide email addresses for easy communication to check on payment or ask any questions that they might have.

Are you moving into a new home and need storage space for a short period?

No problem with month to month renting.

Viking Storage gives all their tenants a grace period for payments for no extra charge.

Storage space for realtors?

Make it easy storing your signs and advertising items with 24/7 access in outside unit storage that is well-lit to provide safe entry.

Construction companies need space to store equipment in secured area?

Go over options that can be provided for you to give you what you need.


Tips for storing business items and having easy access. 

  1. Use shelving in your unit to help store them and easy to access.
  2. Use our carts on wheels to help with moving heavy boxes.
  3. Store your items with safe, well-lit, easy access, and convenient.