Since 1949, Viking Inc has supplied Universal Tailpipe Hangers for the Recreational Vehicle Industry and continue to do so as the market continues to grow each year.  Universal Tailpipe Hangers are important to the completion of Recreational Vehicles because they are a huge part that goes into the support of Exhaust Pipe. There was a time where the RV industry had some what slowed down, but with the new generations sales have sky rocketed and some of the key components needed to complete an RV and make it run great is the exhaust and Viking Inc has supplied the components for exhaust systems for over 69 years. We make it our mission to supplying our customers in a timely manner and a quality product.

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In the 50’s, having a beautiful home with a white picket fence in a suburban neighborhood; along with a successful job, their kids in private schools, and a brand new car was the “All-American Dream”. Throughout the years, things have progressed, but the idea of the “American Dream” has stayed the same until the avocado toast loving, tech savvy Millennial’s came along to knock down our picket fences.

We have all grown accustomed to the idea of “Keeping up with the Joneses” and many have fallen into the trap that we need material items to fulfill us and make us “happy”. Although this idea isn’t appealing to all of us anymore. While we are buying our new art piece to collect dust on our painted walls and collecting vacation days that you’ll never use; Millennial’s have stepped out of the “Suburban Lifestyle”, sold almost everything they own and have bought RVs to transform into their homes and vehicles for an adventure of a lifetime. The “American Dream” has been flipped upside down, turned on its side and the older generation is standing with a puzzled face and their jaws dropped!

Call it a “fad”, “trend”, whatever you like; Recreational Vehicles have become the new “IT” item. Millennial’s are exercising minimalism and are getting back to basics. They don’t want to sit in a cubicle the rest of their lives until their retirement to travel the world. They’ve found a new way of income through blogging and making videos for YouTube. It’s all about the experiences now, being outdoors, saving their money, all while taking an Instagram photo on the adventures. Hiking in Machu Picchu, soaking in the hot springs of Tuscany, Italy, or enjoying the best food in Vietnam sounds pretty tempting.

Could they be on to something or will this dream of theirs come to a stopping point? We don’t have the answers for the future right now, but for this present time we ask you; will you join in on the epic adventure or will you wait till you are old enough to collect retirement funds to see the world?